Carolyn Pappas

No Name

662 × 788 Pixels

Ballpoint Pen on Paper

I admire the fact that the artist could make such a beautiful and accurate drawing with a pen; she only had one shot and couldn’t erase anything.  I love the way she shaded the leaf; although the lines she used to show shadows looked inaccurate, it somehow brought more life into the leaf, and recreated the subject in a fascinating way.

I plan on shading my leaf  like she shaded hers, not with a blur of dark blacks and grays, but with lines; it made the leaf seem more realistic yet unrealistic at the same time, and converged accuracy with simplicity.

The artist created her blog in 2005 in order to motivate her to keep drawing and painting as she went through life facing new challenges.  She often posts pictures of her newest pieces and asks others for constructive criticism.  She is open to growth, and art is a hobby because it liberates her from a world of strict rules and hard work.