Valerie Littlewood

“Miracle Fruit Leaf”

400 × 358 Pixels

Pencil on Paper

I appreciate how defined various aspects of the leaf are depicted, including the shadow underneath the leaf and the system of veins that branch out from the middle.  The artist used various weights and shading methods to make things like the veins “pop” and seem three-dimensional.

In my drawing, I hope to incorporate the same techniques used in this one to make my leaf seem realistic and three-dimensional.  I want everything to look as defined and accurate as  I can possibly make them, so that a person could feel as if he or she could almost reach out to touch what would appear to very closely resemble a real leaf.

The artist recently moved from Europe to Orlando, FL. She created her website to show others in her new country what she is capable of creating with her imagination.  She looks to hear back from people who view her artwork in order to develop even more skills and pursue art professionally.