I feel my leaf drawing went better than expected.  I haven’t ever been able to say that I am good at drawing, but I think this project helped show myself that I’m improving.  This turned out better than a lot of my previous art.  I personally like the shadowing on the outside of the leaf, the outline (which wasn’t traced!), and the depiction of the veins. I also particularly liked the value of the various lines to show which ones were more prominent in real life. However, there are a couple things I will make sure to look out for next time.  For instance, the leaf had bumps and dips, whereas i showed it as being flatter.  I would somehow need to find a way to make the veins and outline show the leaf in three dimensions.  Also, I would stop with the shading inside the leaf sooner, as it made the drawing seem a little too dramatic and unrealistic.  Too much of a good thing can sometimes turn into a bad one!