Karl Zipser

No Name

1024 × 939 Pixels

Pencil on Paper

I chose this picture because i liked the shadowing method.  The author must have spent a lot of time plotting out exactly where each line would go and what the value of each would be, which shows in how unique and detailed the various shadows streaked across the objects are.

I plan on shadowing like the artist did.  He effectively portrayed the light and dark areas on the items, and even showed where light reflected.  For instance, their is a light spot on the pitcher that depicts light shining upon that specific area.  He didn’t shadow by using the typical smudging method; he used line value as his tool, and each shadow consisted of several tiny lines.

Karl Zipser was born in 1969 in New York City.  He studied biology for the majority of his life, and got his Ph.D. in 1995.  His parents had always encouraged his artistic side, and during post-doctoral in Amsterdam, he rekindled this passion by deciding to become a painter.  He has participated in several international exhibitions since then, and continues to show his work to others by frequently posting new entries on his blog.