Jill Harrington

Still Life

640 × 394 Pixels

Pencil on Paper

I chose this drawing because I am fascinated by the fact that she was able to so accurately portray the shadows and lights and darks despite having chosen an odd angle to view the subjects of the still life.  Even though the items were viewed upon from a downwards viewing angle, she still executed the complex and overlapping shadows flawlessly.

I plan on trying, no matter how many times or how hard, to accurately demonstrate the shadows that the light source casted on my subjects of drawing.  When shadows overlap, I now know to make the shared shadows darker in order to make them still seem realistic.

Jill Harrington is 28 years old and lives in Boston, MA.  She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts, with a major in Ceramics.  She loves her job as a technical artist for a computer game company, and loves to play computer games and read or draw in her spare time.