Pencil sketch of a still life. Once upon a time Dune was my favourite perfume, those were my favourite shoes and sunglasses, and I used go to an evening art class.

Melissa Clifton

Still Life

936 × 700 Pixels

Pencil on Paper

I like this drawing because it comes off as simple and not to complex.  The subjects don’t look elegant; they are just random objects strewn about in a random order.  The shadowing isn’t too dark or dramatic, as is in many other still lives, which makes it look more casual and realistic.

I plan on including the almost cartoon-ish element of this drawing in my own.  In my opinion, art that extends past what we can already see in everyday life and show us altered objects or “what ifs” is far more intriguing than art that exactly portrays every line and every shadow exactly as is in real life.  Thus, I plan on not being too specific with each detail in my still life.

Melissa Anne Clifton currently resides in New Zealand.  She is very intrigued with the artistic world, and enjoys viewing and learning from the works of previous artists.  Her hobbies include studying and creating art, traveling, being lazy, and eating.