Though a grueling process, I actually somewhat enjoyed this project.  I wanted the finished product to be something I was happy with, so I spent much time completing every step.  I penciled very detailed lines and marks into their correct places on the grid, then used the model as a heavily relied upon example for when I went over it and shaded with the ink.  I quickly got used to using lines to shade different areas, and developed more skills in the areas of hatching and crosshatching.  My only dislike about the project was working with the quills and ink.  The quills were hard to use and didn’t glide over the paper smoothly, and occasionally caught and sent a few tiny ink droplets flying. Also, a large puddle of ink dropped out of the quill and onto my drawing at one point, so there is now a smudge on one of the branches of the tree on the far right of the picture.  Overall, I wouldn’t mind, and would actually enjoy, doing a similar project in the future.