Claude Lorrain

Seaport Scene

580 X 434 Pixels

Oil on canvas

I chose this painting because of its serene mood and perfect demonstration of one point perspective.  Everything appears so calm and the sunset adds to the laid back mood, as well as giving the entire picture a three dimensional feel. We frequently see one point perspective in drawings, yet it is difficult to come across in paintings, so I admire the artist for his skill and innovation.

In my project I plan to incorporate the sense of depth used in this one by using a carefully planned one point perspective method.  I admire his use of the sun as the point where everything else is drawn to, and may choose to do something similar by actually showing the vanishing point as a physical object in my own work.

Claude Lorrain was an active artist during the Baroque era in the 1600s.  He was born into poverty, and spent most of his life in Italy.  He is very well known for his achievements in landscape paintings, and frequently utilized one point perspective in his pieces.  He died of a foot disease in Rome in 1682, but by the end of his life had gained a considerable amount of popularity and wealth.