Brittany (no last name given)

No Name

320 X 260 Pixels

Pencil on Paper

I chose this painting because it a detailed and well done example of what we have been working on recently: one point perspective as seen in hallways.  She accurately shaded the drawing to help enhance the 3D effect even more than if it had just used one point perspective.

In my own project, I plan on incorporating one point perspective in the same way she did.  She made sure all the tops of the doorways always remained parallel to the ceiling line, for instance.  I also hope to be able to shade in a similar way to her so that my picture will have even more depth, and every detail will look slightly more accurate.

Brittany lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.  She uses a blog to post and share her art with others, but doesn’t reveal any personal information about herself.  That says that she is a very knowledgeable and safe person.  This picture is based off of a hallway located in her dome, so it can be assumed that she may be a college student.