I found this project to be one of the most challenging in our art class so far.  It took longer than usual since all the shapes were made of straight lines which required a ruler to plot out.  However, working with one point perspective was easier than expected.  Once the four major edges of the hallway were laid out all other lines were either parallel to these or perfectly vertical.  One of the most difficult elements was the shading.  Everything in the hallway had a light hue, yet with pencils shading can only go from relatively dark to very dark.  If I had had the advantage of less heavy pencils (with lower values), the shading may have looked a bit more realistic.  Instead, everything in my drawing either looks dark or light; there is almost no in between.  Working with such small shaded areas was also difficult since I had to blend the lines carefully with my finger.  Overall, although I am proud of my result, I found the project tedious and would not ever choose to do it again voluntarily.